by Mist of Misery

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Absence was released in August of 2016 via Black Lion Records.


released August 31, 2016



all rights reserved


Mist of Misery Stockholm, Sweden

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Track Name: Melancholic Thoughts
Track Name: Euthanasia
Vicious cycle, callous and rewinding
Descending spiral seemingly unyielding
What other force could impose my fierce desire?
Mere rancour and ail I attain, but by worship do I enslave?

Unremitting inversion of the sphere
Obdurate, erratic it whirls and recreates
Sustainable only through pain and transmutation
Behold the grand veracity, it shatters not regardless of negation

Prior to the great fruition, cognition must be absolute
To see what lies yonder and decimate its core
To crumble then wither to sanctity
Endless Euthanasia of an Absence long denied
Track Name: Absence
The eyes are restrained with numerous withdrawals
Their minds are reflecting a meager gaze of infinity
That abides our chains and shatters them to oblivion
Our sole purpose was to regenerate that which never was

Defile your most vital perceptions
To dissolve your uttermost yearnings
In abundance you crave for the purity
That never was meant to prevail

In absence you rejoice in total submission
And proclaim the way is sane

The way insane
Track Name: Final Departure
Track Name: Epitaph of Penitence
Gracious seclusion profound
Distorted in deep regression I linger...

... regretting

Attempting to deny the reflections
That chokes and penetrates my mind
An act equally in vain as my existence ever was
Track Name: Wistful Twilight
Track Name: Paragon of Perdition
Ainur, your music has been given discordance
Defiant son of creation
The overture has been poisoned with your chords

Ever you seek to scoff the paragon of existence
But ever the scorn remains a mere reflection of your envy

Yet you arose to challenge the rule of Arda
Perverting its children to stray
Stray from the light and into perdition fade
To linger in timeless reign
But in essence seal your fate
Track Name: Mist of Misery
Crawled up in the darkest abyss
Gathering shards of my broken mind
Yet still it remains empty
Reflecting over my existence...

I am like a ghost
Not seen, not heard

Every day is the same
Every night feels like acid rain

Bathe within my anguish
Writhe within my pain
In solitude my soul shall remain

It is quiet tonight
Cancer is spewing from my mouth
As born unto this world, I shall exist alone
I shall exit alone!

I'm on the brink of sanity
Call it Mist of Misery
This is my final departure
Track Name: Serenity In Nothingness